Monday, March 19, 2007


When did it become March 19th? What happened to February and the first two weeks of March? Time really does seem to fly, doesn't it. Well, at least thing have been fun and productive.

This week/end alone I walked through the slush, had dinner with an old college chum, went for a swimming lesson, picked up my bike from the shop, saw the Shins perform at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, introduced the boyfriend to my older sister, got my period, and got my new night guard. All this activity is making my grind my teeth!

I meant to write about my adventures ice climbing a few weeks back...but then sort of let that slide. I've got some pics and promise to do this within the next week.

On a completely different note, people should go see The Host when it hits your hood. Good filmmaking fun from my peeps in Korea.