Thursday, May 27, 2010

CSA 2010

What, it's been like a year since I last posted me think. Anyhoo, another year another CSA. This year, John and I signed up for the Chubby Bunny CSA. We'll be picking up our seasonal veggies at the church down the street. Lets hope we don't have a repeat of the zucchini incident of 2006. No one needs 20 lbs of zucchini. There is only so much zucchini bread one can make.

And the puppy now officially weighs 26 lbs. That's 8 lbs gained in 8 weeks. At this rate she's headed for 50 lb territory before her first birthday. We're hoping the growth slows down soon. Oh and we hope she stops peeing in the apartment as well.

It's almost memorial day weekend. We all know what that means! The first batch of strawberry rhubarb jam will be made and put up this weekend! Joy!