Thursday, February 23, 2006

18 Miles

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This is not a pretty picture but I was having fun with my camera. This is what my feet looked like after running 18 miles today. Not to shabby.

I think I may actually finish this marathon after all. Of course, this is what I say now.

Monday, February 20, 2006

This is somewhat interesting...

Oh what the heck...

This could be fun. Would you kindly click below and play along?

Johari Window

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jammy Jam

Jammy Jam
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So, here are the pictures of the much discussed jam.

I tried really hard to make these more vibrant but alas interior lighting won't allow it. Everything kinda looks alike. But rest assured that in this picture I have one each of the following:

Strawberry Rhubarb Key Lime
Blueberry Lemon Plum
Blackberry Raspberry
Mission Fig Rhubarb
Cranberry Plum
Shiro Plum Peach Nectarine

They may not look very pretty but they taste damn fine!

Drum roll please: Home Sweet Home

Apartment 2
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Here is a pic of my somewhat unkempt apartment. A few interesting things to note:

1. Yes, that really is a huge 5 gallon empty metal Hello Kitty tin on my dining room table. Long story...may post about it at some point.

2. You can see the blue screen of my laptop on the couch.

3. Yes, that is MTV on the TV.

4. If you look really closely to the coffee table you may see a few containers consisting of still warm, freshly made apple butter & walnut granola with currents, dried cherries, dried strawberries, dried blueberries, dried figs, and coconuts. Yummy! It was one of those lazy weekend nights.

5. That weird white and orange arc next to the piano is my mom's christmas present to me - a accupressure health hula hop...and yes, it hurts.

6. In the distance you can see the one plant that I've been able to keep alive for 6 months now!

Painting: She and He

Painting: She and He
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This was one of the first pics I took with my new digital camera. This is a picture of a painting I have hanging in my apartment. It is titled She and He and was painted about two years ago. It was probably the second "real" painting I completed. Objectively speaking it's not that good but I like it and I guess that's all that really matters.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Good health

's uAll this hubbub about the new study that suggests that a low fat diet does not help to prevent certain types of cancer and heart disease is so very frustrating. Beyond the fact that the study has so many limitations ( 1. They were studying women in their 50s. Who knows what sort of mess these women made of their bodies prior to joining the study. 2. They made no distinction between good fats and bad fats. 3. They only tracked these women for 8 years. 8 years in nothing in the lifespan of a person.) the study reinforces the notion that what you put in your mouth is the only influencer on your overall health. That's just a whole lot of bunk if you ask me. What about the amount of stress you deal with on a day to day basis, or how about the quality of your relationships with loved ones?

My personal philosophy on good health and preventing illness is thus:

1) Move, work out, and get yourself sweaty. You don't have to run marathons but a good romp around a dance floor can do wonders. Some nice, moist, bed creaking sex would also do the trick.
2) Love freely and take time to cultivate your relationships. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs! Never underestimate the power of human contact.
3) Learn to put things into perspective. I'm not gonna tell people to minimize this day and age, stress is kinda a given. However, with the right perspective things don't seem nearly as bad or insurmountable as first thought.
4) Find something that helps you quiet the mind. This can be prayer, meditation, playing a musical instrument, painting, hiking, counting pennies...whatever.
5) Don't stress too much about the food you eat. Yeah, it's better to eat food that is whole and not processed...but you know what, I'm not gonna stress if I eat a slice of pizza either. Everything in moderation...with the occassional piece of Junior's cheesecake. Oh, and if a food is a color that does not occur naturally in nature it may be best to avoid it. One other thing...learn to cook. You'll thank me later.
6) Drink lots of water.
7) Continually teach yourself new things...helps prevents the crazies as you get older.
8) Sleep lots.
9) Keep telling yourself that you're beautiful...even if you don't always believe it. And if that doesn't work, repeat to yourself "Bo thinks I'm a hottie and pretty damn amazing!" And you know what, I do!
10) Learn to disagree, speak up, and don't bottle everything inside. No matter how hard you try, not everyone is gonna like you at all times. You gotta get used to this and get over it.
11) Make up your own damn rules about life. Who the heck am I to tell you how you should live your life. However, don't adopt society's rules (like thinking feeding your kids chicken nuggets everyday is ok) and pretend that they are your own.

And there you go, Life 101 by Bo.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Money...Money...Money...(insert Abba song here)

Oh...I've been soooooo good. So good about not buying myself new toys and new shiny things that make me go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

But I finally cracked and went on a mini shopping spree this weekend. I ended buying myself a Garmin Forerunner 201 and I got it at quite the steep discount because they have come out with a newer model (the 205). My sister has this one and highly recommends it. With all the extra running I've been putting in for the Paris Marathon, I thought I would treat myself.

On the marathon front, after losing 3 weeks in early January due to the germies, I'm back in full Paris Marathon training mode. I did 7 miles on Saturday and another 12 on Sunday. I did the 12 miles in about 1:45. So just under a 9 minute mile. 15 miles is on my slate for the weekend. I'm hoping that the weather holds. I HATE running on treadmills. My goal is to get a complete a 4 hr marathon. Knock on much wood.

But this wasn't the end of my shopping fiasco...I purchased this baby yesterday....a Canon Powershot S80!!! Hee Hee Hee....

So this may very well become a photo blog very, very soon....

I also ended up taking advantage of the NY tax free week and purchased a load of snazzy running gear. My old running gear was very very old and needed replacing. I'm really loving Nike's line of Compression Pro Dri-Fit stuff. So light, so wicky, so layery...nice.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oscar Season

I think this is the first time in the history of the Oscar's that yours truly has seen 3 out of 5 Best Picture nominations. And...and...I was already planning to see the other two anyway...Munich and Good Evening and Good Night. I suppose one could chalk this up to an increase in my movie watching...but I don't think that's it. I think it's because for the first time in quite sometime the Oscars actually nominated some fine, fine cinema.

Capote...good Philip Seymour Hoffman...very good
Brokeback Mountain...very good