Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ripley's Believe It or Not

Yup, the rumors are true. For those who haven't heard. We're getting hitched.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Year in Review…About 2 months too late.

NYC Marathon 2008 - Around Mile 17
So it should be a sign of the times that this little review of the past 12 months is a few months old. 2008! What can I say, you have been a dousy. Where to even begin. How about January?

The year started off quietly but didn’t stay that way for long
Flew to Dallas to run a gigantic conference with 300 attendees and a $600K budget. Aw the days of endless project budgets!
Gave my notice to the firm. Got a great job (I thought at the time) to be the Director of Diversity for the 2nd largest utility in the US. My mistake.

Last day at the firm.
Two week vacation in Argentina with the boy. BEST VACATION EVER!
Two words – Glacier Hiking!
Two more words – Fuzzy Armadillos!
Five more words – Don’t cry for me Argentina!
Started new job at the grid.
Realized my horrible mistake after day three.
Desperately trying to figure escape route
Additional Travel: Boston

Still trying to figure out escape route
Start speaking to contractors to gut renovate the bathroom.
Additional Travel: Boston

Still POW
Select a contractor and begin the lengthy co-op approval process
Additional Travel: Boston May
Land awesome gig with the association.
Said goodbye to the grid.
Start with the association and realize I am MUCH MUCH Happier
Quick trip to San Francisco while J attends an EP conference out there. Meet his father and sister. Lovely people. Tall.
Run into all sorts of renovation approval snafus
Additional travel: Chicago

Get notification, I’m in the 2009 NYC Marathon! Yipeee! Hope my knee holds out this year.
Travel down to attend the wedding celebration’s of dear college mate El and M! Third times the charm! Celebration, not marriage.
Additional travel: Washington DC, Boston, and LA

J and I begin cohabitation. Oh what surprises await us!
Ran the NYC Half-Marathon in about 2.5 hrs. Knee holds up splendidly.
Additional travel: none!

Attend Wedding in Chicago/Michigan for dear college friend N and M! And it only took them 10 years and two engagements!
Flew out to Jackson Hole, WY for a little vacation and my sister’s wedding! I have a brother in-law.
Got my sexy, sexy new toy. Nikon D300.
Wow! Lots of weddings. But no pressure…you know.
J falls out of the boat while white water rafting…and hilarity ensued.
Ran first 16 mile training run for the marathon.

A relatively quiet month personally but quite busy professionally. Traveled just about every week. Chicago, Philly, a week in Atlanta, and rounding out the month in DC.
Got to see the fabulous S in the ATL. Haven’t seen her in like 8 years! I love S!
Ran my first 20 mile training run. Why do I do this to myself?

My birthday! 33!
And J and I celebrated year numero duos!
Spent a week in London working with a client who also happens to be a former employer.
Caught up with the slick kid E whilst in London.
Tapering down training for the big marathon.
Additional travel: Boston

Ran the 2008 ING NYC Marathon – AND FINISHED in about 5 Hrs 20 minutes! Not to shabby considering that my knee had been out of commission for nearly 18 months.
Spent thanksgiving with J’s mom in Mississippi. I’ve decided I never want to live in Mississippi. The above picture is from a parking lot in Mississippi. I don’t think I need to explain myself further about Mississippi.
I think J and I are finally starting to figure out this whole living together thing.
Started volunteering at the International Center as a career coach. Fun!
Obama wins! The world rejoices! I never did really drink the kool-aid though.
Additional travel: Boston

Christmas with the family and post-Christmas with J’s dad and sister in San Francisco.
The fourth annual Christmas Cookie Party with the girls! Hosted by the lovely L. I made ginger-lemon crème cookies. We each ended up with about 9 dozen cookies. J was a very happy man.
Saw longwave in concert at the Bowery Ballroom.
J and I made about 200 mandoos on Dec. 31st. It’s a Korean thing…plus I’m incapable of making food for less than a small crowd.
Went to Alvin Ailey at the City Center. Beautiful as always.
Additional travel: Chicago, and San Francisco (twice in one month)

So yeah, 2008 was a big year of lots of changes, lots of accomplishments, and lots of jobs.
2009 should be another exciting year.

Don’t know what’s in my future but I have a few ideas:
I want to take a pottery class…just cause.
I have my eyes set on the 2009 Reykjavik Marathon in August. Come and join us. It should be fun. We’ll look for gnomes.
J and I also decided we didn't go see enough live music last year. Must remedy that!
And maybe a trip to Greece and Turkey!

2009 has been off to a running start. And no, my bathroom is still not renovated. Sad. :(