Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I've got problems

Seriously folks, can anyone please explain why I would spend $36 purchasing a pretty vintage camera when I refuse to pay for a cab at 3am on a Saturday night in the pouring rain?

Sometimes I just don't make any sense.

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foo said...

Makes perfect sense. Your perceived utility from spending the cab fair < your perceived utility of taking a subway. This only works, assuming a) the subway costs 2 bucks, b) you value the cost of getting wet somewhere around 34 dollars. I guess if you get sick, then the costs outweight the benefits. Knowing this, it makes more sense that we extrapolate the cost of an infrequent event ( like taking a cab ) to the frequent event of taking a train. So the expense is magnified, hence the inequitable distribution of utility which might lead even the smarteset peanuts astray.