Monday, March 20, 2006

Damn Bible Beaters

This is from the NY Times "Dear Diary" column which runs every Monday morning.

Dear Diary:
The other day on the A train, a large man dressed in a camouflage sweatsuit was being grilled by a woman about not going to church enough.

He defended himself, saying he showed his devotion to God through his actions, but the woman wasn't satisfied.

She said he had to go to church to win his place in heaven.

Just then, a young woman about 30 feet away doubled over and collapsed.

The man in camouflage was the first on his feet to help her. He propped her head with his backpack and sat on the floor to hold her hand while he directed others to alert the conductor.

When the train stopped at 14th Street, the conductor announced that there would be a delay for a sick passenger, and the man's church friend rushed across the platform to catch a local train.

Meanwhile, he continued to sit with the young woman, holding her hand.

After the police helped her off (she was a cancer patient), the man put on his earphones and returned to his pew in the greater church of New York.

Aaron Garretson

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