Monday, July 10, 2006

Another reason for Corporate Diversity

Sony advert
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Sony launched the advertising campaign for its new, all white PlayStation Portable with this billboard in Amsterdam. The only thing I can say is 'What were they thinking?' The billboard reads "PlayStation Portable: White is coming" and depicts a whiter-than-white woman aggressively dominating a blacker-than-black woman. The obvious play on racial domination and social oppression is ridiculous and unbelievable. The fact that a roomful of executives could sit around and let this sort of imagery fly is almost unthinkable.

One has to wonder if someone in the room didn't go "Hey guys, I migh be a little sensitive here but doesn't this campaign strike you as just a little bit...oh I don't know...Klu Klux Klanish."

Here are a few alternate tagline suggestions for Sony:

PlayStation Portable: Making Racism a Little Sexier
PlayStation Portable: Hate crimes are only illegal in the real world
PlayStation Portable: Because we think slavery is due for a comeback

Granted, this billboard is not in the US (where the history of racial oppression is probably better documented) but it's not like the folks in Western Europe aren't dealing with their own share of racial tension.

Geez Louise


klo said...

Kick their racist white asses! On a more serious note, one of my closest friends is a senior member of staff at Sony and I have passed him your comments! :)


Allergic Girl said...

incredible--in 2006!