Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sometimes it's fun just to live life

I realize it's been ages since I last posted and I doubt that even the most devoted of my friends who read this probably gave up on me long ago. That's alright. It's unfulfilling to come back to a blog day after day and see nothing new.

At this point, the blog really is just for me and serves only as a documentation of my life in my early 30s.

So, with that said, what then to make of my recent disappearing act. Am I depressed? Busy? Wrapped up in some ultra-secret, international espionage ring? Nah. It ain't all that interesting. I've just been living my life. My happy, largely mundane, uneventful life. Work, yoga, gym, boyfriend, cooking, baking - you know - life. Days pass, I discover a new white hair or two (!!!), I salivate over the new digital SLR cameras that are being launched, I contemplate what my next culinary adventure will be (did I tell you I braised a whole 9 lb pork shoulder a couple of months back? )...and I'm content.

No real drama, no real story to tell. If someone published "Bo Young Lee's Diary" a la Bridget Jones - I doubt you'd be able to convince pouty lipped Renee Zellwegger to play. No excessive boozing, smoking, or fluctuating weight. The only real adventure in my life is my on-going PT for patello-femerol pain syndrome. Damn knee doesn't want to heal up.

Another reason I'm not on here as much is because I've found another venue to air all my crazy theoretical conjurings. His name is John and he's a good listener. The boy is quite good at simply allowing me to talk until I'm good and tired and ready for bed. All those crazy essays I would traditionally post here now get vetted whilst sitting on my red living room couch while John tries to watch whatever art house movie he's recently rented.

So I write all this just to say that I'm here, I'm alive, I'm happy, and I'll keep posting here from time to time - but maybe not as frequently as I had when I first started this little game.


Nicole said...

Don't worry my dear. I never gave up on you. :)--nrg

Allergic Girl said...

glad to hear all is good! xx