Thursday, December 06, 2007

Already pimping out the baby

This story in the NY Times is truly horrifying! Women now want diamonds and pearls for pushing out the baby.

Talk about priorities in the wrong place.


elicitable kami said...

horrifying does not even begin to describe this phenomenon. i've never heard of it before and now i'm floored.

Danielle said...

actually, I've always been aware of it. My dad gave my mom one when I was born. It wasn't a part of this phenomenon, of course, but was meant to accomplish the same thing, and I always assumed it was par for the course. I don't see anything wrong with giving a gift to a woman after the birthing process (my sister got a charm with the baby's name on it). What's icky to me is how much importance many women place on the price tags and in jewelry in general, but this always strikes me as being icky, not just after a birth.

PS- I miss you Bo, let's do yoga soon. Email me cuz I don't have your info anymore :)