Sunday, February 19, 2006

Drum roll please: Home Sweet Home

Apartment 2
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Here is a pic of my somewhat unkempt apartment. A few interesting things to note:

1. Yes, that really is a huge 5 gallon empty metal Hello Kitty tin on my dining room table. Long story...may post about it at some point.

2. You can see the blue screen of my laptop on the couch.

3. Yes, that is MTV on the TV.

4. If you look really closely to the coffee table you may see a few containers consisting of still warm, freshly made apple butter & walnut granola with currents, dried cherries, dried strawberries, dried blueberries, dried figs, and coconuts. Yummy! It was one of those lazy weekend nights.

5. That weird white and orange arc next to the piano is my mom's christmas present to me - a accupressure health hula hop...and yes, it hurts.

6. In the distance you can see the one plant that I've been able to keep alive for 6 months now!

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