Monday, August 07, 2006

Men's Stock Crashing Everywhere

The boy sent me this email today...

It kinda sucks to be a guy these days, if we can judge by the New York Times.

1. Articles about men who are unemployed, unattached or marginally employed and unmarriable.
2. Articles about how Wall Street is trying to retain more women.
3. Florida passes "Stand Your Ground" law which allows more use of deadly force in "self defense."
4. War in the middle east.

I give up. Guys should just give up, let women do all the work and concentrate on playing cards and getting laid. It seems men are just not fit to run societies.

Yours in Sympathy,


Eeeh...I'm not so sure a woman dominated world would be much better. Have you seen the movie 'Mean Girls'? Yeah, we should probably avoid that scenario as well.

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tony rutt said...

Hey Bo:

Have A*** check out and then he can call me. Things are not as grim for me as he and the NYT make out!?