Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And so it begins

The other day, while catching up on some friendly blogs written by some friendly friends, I came to the realization that I get a warm, fuzzy comfort in knowing that my friends are alive and blessed with enough happiness & health to provide me with a near daily taste of their snarktastic selves. Well, this nerdy little extrovert had to get in on the fun. Voila! I'm here. And what better timing...I'm reaching a point where it seems that many of the changes and hard decisions I've had to make over the last 3-4 years are finally starting to materialize and become tactile objects I can hold up to the sun and admire. What better time to start documenting the goings on in my goings on.

Ah, the luxury of reflection. It's often difficult to make sense of all the goodness in ones life when one is knee deep in the crunchies of change. Even now, as I begin to find context for so many varied aspects of my life, I am overcome with stress and anxiety. It's at these moments that I like to look back and think about what I have accomplished and learned. Here's a short glimpse of the last 18 months.

> Finished grad school.
> Packed myself up and moved to SF.
> Meet a dozen fabulous new friends in SF. (Thanks Ellen!)
> Dated, danced, and ate myself silly in a new town.
> Purchased my beautiful Gomez...and while I still feel like some horrible she-devil evertime I drive her...I still get a rush everytime I get behind the wheel.
> Started new job #1
> Learned that linolieum burns pretty darn quick.
> Also learned that that thing about toothpaste fixing nail holes is a lie!
> Packed myself up again and moved back to NYC.
> Figured out that I don't want to get my PhD. (Well, at least for the time being.)
> Confirmed that I really do love summer, autumn, winter, and spring.
> Swam in the Great Salt Lake. (Not highly recommended)
> Visited Wall Drugs and THE SPAM MUSEUM. (Highly recommened if you ever find yourself in southern MN and SD.)
> Started new job #2 and learned that you CAN marry your professional career with your intellectual passions.
> Got caught in a rather comical water buffalo traffic jam. (If I ever get around to figuring out how to publish photos, I'll be sure to include a snap.)
> Signed a contract to purchase my first piece of NYC real estate. Eep!
> Learned that I like to paint almost as much as I like to take photos.
> Refined my kite flying skills.
> Continued to grow as a yogi and yoga teacher.
> Started pulling together material for my first chapbook. (Keep your eyes here for breaking news.)
> Began volunteering with Dress for Success & started work on some really exciting projects. (Once again, keep those eyes fixed here.)
> Started and then restarted a lifestyle and career coaching practice. (Still getting if off the ground but I've already got 2 paying clients! Yeah! Cute shoe money.)
> And on the topic of shoes...increased my collection with the cutest pair of pale pink Marc Jacob stilletos. Not to mention the Celines and the Diesels and the...
> Realized that good live music may almost be worth waiting 12 hours in 105 degree weather in the middle of the Coachella Valley...key word being almost!
> Was reminded 2 more times why my family rocks like nothing else and I can't every take them for granted.

Life is beautiful...although this doesn't prevent my unconscious mind from grinding my teeth at night.

So thus the journey begins. Thank you for joining the ride.

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Ellen said...

You make me laugh, Bo! Ah, what a blessing it has been for you to become re-emmersed into my life! A smile was brought to my face as you share so much with me - your life, your thoughts, your old apartment, your love. Perhaps you can get your memoirs published one day and find yet another way to find success! Makes me think of posting my own blogger, but then again, I'm not sure my life is as exciting as yours as of now. I expect to hear updates, and of course to continue our talks and e-mail philosophizing. Cheers to you and all of our upcoming adventures!