Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hard Hats & Steel Toe Boots

A few years back, I spent about 7 months working in a warehouse as a consultant. I was required to wear a hard hat and steel toe boots whenever I went into the actual warehouse building. I kept both as a souveigner of some of the crazy experiences I've had (and will continue to have) as a consultant. Given the state of current affairs, I may need these items to dig us out of the mess we're in. Have you read the news today?

> Some 35 people are dead in Baghdad after three car bombs went off. A lot of the dead include individuals who rushed over to help victims after the first car bomb only to get hit by the second and third.
> About 23 Palestinians and 3 Israeli were killed after more fighting.
> Russia (once the bad guys) oked the Kyoto Protocal - something we still haven't done.
> Bush and Kerry are set to debate tonight!

I don't know about you, but I'm gonna watch the debates tonight with my hard hat on. Chicken Little may have been right - the sky may just start to fall!


foo said...

I may stay up and watch it as well. 2am over here. Sure hope it's worth it.

klo said...

SO is trying to persuade me to stay up and watch it! But Kazibear has been working today for 13 hours straight! So, I will have to catch the highlights later! Hard hat! Very village peeps girl! Go for it!

Bo said...

I knew I could always count on you two.

Bo said...

I knew I could always count on you two.