Monday, October 25, 2004

Do I dare?

I do need to order new checks soon...but do I dare?

Would you still respect me in the morning?

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tony rutt said...

The short(cake) answer is no. And if the man in your life (congrats BTW) says otherwise, he's not telling you the truth! :)

Can't you find checks with Spitfires on them? They are one of the most emotive images of WWII, when three dozen of them, literally, kept Germany at bay while the Yanks twiddled their thumbs. (Whoops, sorry, WWII, World War Two, a global conflict 1939 - 1946.) Without Spitfires I'd be typing this auf Deutsch.

Happy b-day you Young-ster. Thanks for a great Blog, its always worth visiting, especially your three seconds of video fame (BTW: I think my Grandfather had a checkered vest like that once - you young kids and your hip fashions!)