Wednesday, October 27, 2004

You don't look a day over 99

Happy 100th Birthday to the NYC Subway system!

Here's a cute article on the matter:

You were there when I was 3.5. I remember watching the landscape of Queens whiz by the 7 train as my parents schlepped me into the city for the first time.
You were there when I was 12, up far to early on a Sat. morning to take an exam that has impacted every day of my adult life.
You were there when I was 16, exhausted, tired, and spent from having stayed at school far to long rehearsing, studying, hanging with the girls, figuring out ways to get into clubs...
I missed you when I was in SF.
I longed for your convience and the window you provided to the diversity and mayhem of NYC living.
You've changed, you've grown, and you're a bit more expense now...but I still love you.
I raise a glass to you NYC Subway. May you live on and on.

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