Monday, April 25, 2005

Summer music festivals

I haven't seen a decent concert in months. I couldn't get tickets to see the killers a few weeks ago, nor was I able to get tickets for the shins this past weekend. And to top it all off the Coachella Festival is this weekend.

I am sad.


foo said...

The Boss is touring Europe, but so far haven't been able to get tkts. Oh, the humanity!

ned said...

Don't remind me about Coachella this weekend -- maybe if you were out here, we could have talked each other into mustering up the time, funds, insanity to actually go! But take comfort in the fact that all the bands playing this year put together do not compare to Radiohead's single performance of last year!

As far as tickets to other shows in your area...hmmm...we need to work on that. Who's in charge of guest lists?!?