Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My last post as a 20something...

Cause tomorrow I turn 30!

Wow, I wish I had something more profound to share. Tonight I will write my annual birthday poem.


Martin said...

Happy Birthday, Bo!

foo said...

Yom Holedech Samaech!!!

klo said...

baby, do not be afraid of growing old but of standing still!

Have a wonderful birthday weekend.

Lots of love Kaz.

Ps. Did you manage to synch up with Mr. Little in the end?

Bo said...

Thank you all for your birthday wishes!

Martin: I didn't realize you read my blog...I'm humbled and honored to have a king of blogging visit my little home. I hope you had a fun NY weekend. You should drop me an email the next time you are in town.

Eric: Gahm Sahm Nee Da

Karen: Thanks babe! I'm not afraid of growing old. I'm just gonna miss my 20s. They were good to me. And I didn't know that Mr. Little was gonna be in town till I checked his blog on Monday!