Friday, June 09, 2006

No NYC Marathon this year

So...I didn't get a slot for the NYC Marathon this year...AGAIN! Well, there is always 2007 I guess. But I'm already more than semi-conditioned to run a marathon damnit! So, I'm thinking of signing up for the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC on Oct. 29th. I'm actually really tempted to sign up for the Berlin Marathon as I've heard many good things about it but it happens to fall on the same Oct. weekend as my birthday (which really isn't a problem) and my friends Michelle and Edwin's wedding in SF (more of a problem).

Anyway, if I'm going to run another international marathon I want to make it a big Sydney or Auckland or Beirut (which by the way I hear has plenty of opening as only 50 people ran it last year...I wonder if any were women?)

In other news, I dislocated my left ankle (again!) last week. My doctor is trying to convince me to get surgery on the sucker but that would pretty much leave me immobile for about 6 to 8 months. Maybe when I'm older and less active. Now is not a good time.

And other news...

- Why does it seem that ex-boyfriends seem to crawl out of the woodwork at percisely the moment when it is least convienient?
- Yes, I am still dating the 44 year old, twice married, once widowed, three kids man.
- I think all the swimming I've been doing whilst training for my upcoming triathlon is giving me that truly un-sexy broad shoulder look. I look like a linebacker in anything with slightly structured shoulders.
- I remeasured myself at the doctors office and I'm still 5 feet 6 inches. People never believe me but it's the truth! All y'all who think your 5 feet 9 inches but stand the same height as I do are deluding yourselves.
- Yet another friend is preggers.

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Martin said...

Hi Bo

Running a marathon having just dislocated your ankle sounds hardcore and possibly unwise. What do you have to do to make it dislocate again???

Ignoring possible danger, have a look at (unless you've already seen it). Plenty of reviews of marathons around the world. Berlin is indeed meant to be very well organised and a good flat course.

It looks like I won't be doing New York either, seeing as I forgot to apply. Oh well, maybe next year...