Friday, December 23, 2005

100 Things about me: 100-91

To make up for the recent lack of posts I thought I'd play a fun little game called "100 random things about Bo". I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had thinking up these things:

Here is 100 - 91

100. I'm a blanket stealer.
99. I once stole a tube of lipgloss in the 7th grade. I still feel guilty about this.
98. I can crack all the knuckles in my toes by just wiggling them.
97. I can't sleep with clothes on. Regardless of the weather, I need to sleep nekkid. When forced to "sleep" in clothing (because I'm a guest or sharing my bed with a friend) I typically don't fall asleep. I just sort of lay there for 7 hours.
96. Once, while running a half marathon, I pooed in my shorts...but just a little...just a little. I REALLY REALLY REALLY had to go and there just wasn't any place to go. Anyone who has ever run any long distance can symphatize with the sudden urge to poo that accompanies a very hard run.
95. I'm kinda obsessive of double checking that my toaster oven/stove/rice cooker are turned off. I once travelled all the way home during my lunch break to double check that they were all off. I'm afraid that as I grow older this will become a major problem.
94. I can do a full split and then bend my back leg and place the top of my head in the sole of my foot...but only on my left side.
93. I have performed some sort of sexual act in all of the following locations: a concert tent at the Coachella Festival, a bathroom in a nightclub in Berlin, an elevator (well, several elevators), an office in an investment bank located in the Wall St. area, backstage of Hill Auditorium, in Central Park...but surprisingly enough I've never had sex in the back seat of a car or in a movie theater.
92. I have been known to open a bag of cookies and chomp away whilst waiting to checkout at the grocery store.
91. I can't watch scary movies of any kind nor can I watch violence of any kind.

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ned said...

I'm catching up with sites now that I'm back in that mode of spending all day behind a computer...I don't think you told me about number 93!! I'm hurt!! =(