Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Things to be done before the new year

HiddyHo young pirates. I hope you had a good holiday regardless of what you celebrate. It's almost 2006 and there are lots of things I need to do before the new year begins. Here's a partial list:

1. Scrub down and clean up the old homestead. I'm talking getting on my hands and knees and getting into those corners that don't normally get cleaned, like that little space between the floor lamp and the piano that I don't bother with cause it would mean that I'd have to move the lamp and the guitar and the speaker.

2. Sell off some of my losing stock so that I can report the loss on my income tax.

3. Send out all of my charitable giving. Why is it that I always wait until the last second to do this?

4. Sort through my closet and thin it out a bit. A woman always needs some space for her wardrobe to grow.

5. Go to the eye doctor and get a new perscription for my contacts.

Hope you have happy plans for the Eve of 2006.

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