Monday, October 16, 2006


My parents are cute.

I had dinner with my parents last night and it was the first time I saw my dad after his return from Korea last Tuesday. It was his first trip back to Korea since he left 28 years ago in April 1978. My dad has two younger brothers in Korea, one of whom he hasn't seen in 28 years! My mom had to work so my dad decided to travel alone. I asked him what he thought about the country and how it had changed. This was his response.

Dad[in Korean]: "It was okay but your mom wasn't there. Nothing's really fun when your mom's not there. There's no one to share things with."

He was originally supposed to be in Korea for three weeks but decided to cut the trip short and came back after only two weeks. Now I know why.

SOOOOOOO CUTE. But I guess that's what happens when you've been happily married for 36 years.

And when asked about his desire to ever move back to Korea:

"No, I have no desire to live in Korea. I like America. Korea's too noisy and crowded and polluted. People are rude and everything is soooooooo expensive. I gave up coffee because it was $5 for one cup."

Clearly my dad has never been to a Starbucks. And this from a man who lives in New York City.

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