Monday, October 16, 2006

Cross-contamination indeed

So my girl over at Please Don't Pass the Nuts writes very frequently about the problem of food cross-contamination and the havoc a stray nut could cause. I'm lucky in that my only known food allergy is Mangos - something that is still foreign enough to the American dietary palette that a mango-infestation is highly unlikely. (Now my allergy to latex, certain red food dyes, and carpet glue is a TOTALLY different subject all together. Luckily my sense of smell is keen and I can usually smell latex - and get the hell out of dodge - before it ever touches my skin and causes a full on case of anaphlaxtic shock. I do however travel at all times with an Epi-Pen just in case. And you don't even want to know what happened to me when my office decided to put down new carpeting over the weekend and didn't tell anyone until we came in on Monday and I broke out in hives after 2 minutes.)

Anyhoo, back to the topic of food cross-contamination. So I was eating an all organic Chocolate Chip cookie today from Mad Moose Organics when I chomp down on something kinda squishy that was neither chocolate or chip or cookie in texture and flavor. It ended being nothing but a harmless stray dried cranberry. However, this kinda wigged me out. What if it was a dried mango or something. Or even worse, what if I had nut allergies and it was a stray nut. Blah! Get the epi-pen, STAT!

So I write this blog entry today in homage to my girl, Allergic Girl.

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Allergic Girl said...

extra ingredients indeed!
lovely post, thanks for thinking of my plight--and if you EVER need an extra epi I carry three, so gimme a call and i will dash over and epi you! xx--sloane