Monday, January 29, 2007

I Hate Digital Cameras

So, I've been trying to take pictures with my fancy schmancy digital camera and I've learned one thing...I hate digital photography.

You just can't wack open the aperture enough.

I hate flash. Natural light is the way to go but sometimes you just don't have enough natural light for a proper exposure. That's when you have one of two choices...either open up the aperature or pop the flash. Did I tell you that I hate flash.

I can't seem to take a good photo with my digital camera. Can't can't.

I'm resigned to either my beloved non-digital SLR or suck it up and plunk down the money for one of those even fancier schmancier digital SLRs.

1 comment:

Marlin said...

"i can't wack open the aperture enough." ????
don't expect a cheap digi cam to do what an expensive digi cam can do and then say "I hate digital cameras."
Do you expect a piece of crap auto film camera to do what a good SLR will do?
Learn how to use your shit and suck it up princess.
Merry xmas.