Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The iPhone is a Democrat

I think the best thing about the new iPhone being launched by Apple is that it's a Democrat. If you go to the Apple site and look at the iPhone page, you'll notice that when it demos it's web capabilities, the iPhone goes to the NY Times. But it doesn't go to just any NY Times cover page, it goes to the cover page run on Nov. 8th 2006. Why is this date so special? It was the day the Democrats clinched the House majority. The web demo goes on even further and highlights the article that covers the electoral results.

Coincidental...I think not!


Linda said...

hahaha. this is hilarious. you are wonderfully observant.

i recently got an interview at the NyPost -- its later this week and frankly i dont know if it's such a good idea. maybe if i keep my liberal mouth shut, though i dont know how long i can actually do that!

during the phone interview the HR woman says in her heavy Austrailian accent, "So, are you a NYPost reader?" -- i'm thinking: "who the hell reads the NYPost, i've barely seen one let alone read one!" -- I honestly replied, "no". I was so confused, as everyone in the city reads only the NYT. Despite the fact that NY is a conservative state as a whole, I still can not for the life of me understand how the NYPost stays in business.

I'm such a silly, idealist liberal.

Bo said...

Linda, good luck on the job interview. Sometimes working for "the enemy" is the best possible thing you can do. Gives you more insight into what you'll be fighting against in the future. At least that's what I kept telling myself when I was in business school.