Thursday, March 03, 2005

Art and Taxes

Random bloginess

Weekend Plans

So my plans for this weekend are both ambitious and pathetic. I don't actually have anything official planned but I do have two agenda items. 1) Do my taxes and 2) Go see this show. Based on the reviews of the show, it should be awesome. Here's a description: "Gorgeous photos shown in a massive temporary structure built from shipping containers and paper tubes. Part of the Nomadic Museum."

NY Times Article

I found this article interesting. I've always been a pretty big critic of the private acquisition of art by individuals who clearly have no real interest in the aesthetic of the piece. It's one thing to purchase art because you love it, its another thing to treat it as a trophy.

The ways of the universe

I was writing a pretty scathing blog criticizing the way hatha yoga has manifested itself on the island of Manhattan. It frustrates me to no end. Anyway, I was reading it over again and realized two things. 1) Most of you probably could care less about how I feel about the state of yoga in New York City and 2) I don't want to destroy the yoga experience for any of you out there who enjoy it. I do want to reiterate that my criticism with Manhattan yoga has absolutely nothing to do with the physical practice itself. My criticism is aimed at all the other stuff that surrounds the practice (at least in New York). So, for now, I'll keep the critique to myself. Maybe I'll post it sometime in the future.

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