Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I am po...

I am so poor I can't even afford the "R"'s on lay-away.

I went to graduate school
I just purchased a new apartment
I'm single
I work for a non-profit

Thus, I introduce you to the...

Top Ten Part-time Occupations I Have Seriously Considered To Pay-off My Debt...

10. Stunt tester for the Reality Show "Fear Factor".
9. Token Asian spokesperson (paid) for George W.'s political policies.
8. The baby-mama of an athlete/rapper/actor/billionare real estate tycoon with a bad weave.
7. An egg donor...and on the plus side I would be giving a couple "The gift of life."
6. Rap video hoochie girl...Unfortunately, my general lack of "T" and "A" disqualifies me.
5. Catwoman.
4. A mail-order bride.
3. A Mary Kay Cosmetics sales rep...Pink is my color, isn't it?
2. The spokesperson for Trim-Spa...wait, that job has already been spoken for.
1. "Escort"...I'm changing my name to Destiny LaRue tomorrow.

1 comment:

foo said...

I'd pay top dollar for a mail order bride that raps like catwomen, shows no fear, and doesn't mind being a token egg donor to the Republican Brain Trust. (terms and conditions apply)