Friday, March 18, 2005

Strong Women

  • What is it about strong women that so intimidates people of both genders?
  • Why are women who aggressively and passionately pursue their dreams and desires so frequently characterized as unfeminine, bitches, castrating man-haters, and frigid?
  • Why do so many organizational constructs (whether they be regligious, polticial, or capitalistic) struggle with the idea of sharing power and leadership with smart, grounded, present women?
  • Why do so many able, competent, brilliant women feel they need to purposefully "dumb themselves down" in order to be widely accepted?
  • Why do we teach women and young girls to see other capable women as competition?
  • Why can't Muslim women lead prayers?
  • Why can't Catholic women become priests?
  • Why can't an orthodox Jewish man touch his wife when she is mensturating?
  • Why does it seem like a situational oxymoron to talk about hiking boots and stilletos in the same breathe?
  • Why are stay-at-home mothers shunned for not having "real careers"?
  • Why are little girls told they can't do math?
  • Why does everyone assume that Carly Fiorino's departure from HP had something to do with her gender?
  • Why do most people, upon reading my resume, assume I'm a man?
  • Why is it that marriages between two individuals where the man makes less than the woman statistically more likely to fail than the reverse equation?
  • Why is it assumed that the woman will change her name or at the very least hypenate?
  • Why do most children have their father's name?
  • Why hasn't the medical industry figured out a way to make the menopausal process more comfortable but we have 3 or 4 drugs to help old farts get it up?
  • Why are women less likely to negotiate their salaries?
  • Why are most culinary school graduates men?
  • Why are only 1/3 of all MBA graudates women?
  • Why do men feel the need to ask me if I need help everytime I use the free weights in the gym?
  • Why do countries like China and India continue to practice infanticide against baby girls even when they currently face signficant gender inbalances?
  • Why are the boys I go camping with always surprised to learn that I can carry just as much weight as them and still keep up?
  • Why are women of color more likely to succeed than their male counterparts?
  • Why did nearly all of the media reports about Martha Stewart mention the 20 lbs she lost in prison and her new svelte size 12 body?
  • Why haven't we had a female president yet?
  • Why did Billy Graham (not the pastor) cry when I beat him at arm wrestling in the 3rd grade?
  • Why does this country have such horrible paternity leave policies?
  • Why are sexually experienced women considered undesirable?
  • Why do men want (as the rapper Ludacris so poetically phrased) "a lady on my arm and a freak in the bed?"
  • Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side?


Fitch said...

Two words...the man. Keeping everyone down.

klo said...

This is very bizarre. I went to a great seminar about female empowerment last night and Margaret Heffenman was the speaker. I recommend reading her book, "The Naked Truth"