Monday, January 10, 2005


One bit of wisdom that growing older has bequeathed me is the knowledge and acceptance of the fact that we are all broken in some way...emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually, mentally. We don't often think about being broken and we often choose to use more gentle language to describe our brokenness...quirks, differences, variances, history...whatever.

I like to think of it as plain old broken. Broken is not is what it is. It's not that my brokenness makes me flawed or less simply communicates that there are little bits and pieces of myself that are a bit more jagged than most and if you get too close to the jagged little edges you are liable to hurt both yourself and me.

The leason learned when one admits to being broken is that you are then asking others around you to take a bit more care and gentleness when engaging you. That's a good thing to remember and a good reason to live a life of gentle and considered never know how people are broken until you risk breaking them some more.

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