Friday, January 14, 2005

A poem in a minute

Sometimes when my mind gets stuck I force myself to write a poem in one minute...60 seconds. This usually helps shake out the cobwebs and get me functioning again. Last night I got four hours of sleep...this is what I came up with between 3:16 and 3:17 PM.

1/14/05 3:16PM

Pattern was never satisfied
So she would repeat herself
Over and over again

The indentations became deeper
And she left the cracks
Unattended until they
Became large gashes
Glowering red abyss
Tempting her to pay attention
Calling out to her
In fiery pained shrieking

Pattern could not stop herself
Momentum was her friend
Together they would
Run rampant filling the
Empty spaces once pristine
And profane

Now filled with their
Dizzy, sickly, lines and dashes
Walls and floors and ceiling
Now covered in their chaos
In their impatience
In their avoidance

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