Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Sometimes the best possible thing to do is swear up a storm that sends old ladies and little children running and makes even the toughest of merchant marines blush.

Our society has a problem. We like to label things as good or bad, when in essence very few things are entirely good or entirely bad. Like sex...and ice cream...and swearing. A well timed and phrased "Motherf*cker" can be quite liberating.

And here's another thing that makes swearing so marvelous and universal, no matter what language is being spoken, you always know when someone is swearing.

Or maybe I'm okay with swearing because I know that I am quite capable of expressing myself in far more erudite ways.

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klo said...

This is one of my favourite blogs ever from your site darling Bo! Am I being base? Am I being trailer trash for not valuing other blogs from you? Well, you see, this is an interesting blog for me. I swear in four different languages on a daily basis. I am not showing off. I am stating fact. Plus the joy of being able to shift gears whenever I want in the world of swearing. Btw, CONIO is a great word. It means C U Next Tuesday in spanish and its wonderful in its ability to unnerve your next door New Yorker. Trust me. Say this word and you will gain respect. Over and out gorgeous! xx