Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Momma Advice: Redux

So, because of various events in my life, my mother has decided that I am no longer requiring of her advice on men, marriage, and the height of my shoes. So now she's turned her attention on giving me advice about how to get my older sister hitched. The woman is relentless. Here are a few gems to for your laughing delight.

"Tell your sister that we are a traditional family and the younger daughters can't get married until the oldest daughter gets married first. That'll guilt her into getting married."

"Doesn't she feel like a third wheel when she visits all of her married friends."

"It's about time she gets some wedding presents. She's given enough away."

"Do you think she has a problem talking to men? Is there a class for that?"

"Maybe she should quit her job and get something less stressful. That'll make her a nicer person."

My mother is insane. And I haven't started on what she thinks about my little sisters long term boyfriend.

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