Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bo in Aschtavakrasana

Bo in Aschtavakrasana
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I came across this picture whilst sorting through some old files. I think this picture is about three or four years old. So I must have been about 25 years old. If I remember the day correctly, a friend had just gotten a new digital camera and wanted to experiment so I was being all goofy and started doing all sorts of yoga poses. I've always been fairly competent at arm balances. My shoulder loop looks great in the picture but if you look closely my left hand is sort of lifting off the floor and my thighs are not solidly holding onto my right arm. While I'm not going to say my current Aschtavakrasana is better (that's not really the point of the yoga, after all) I will say that my body has become stronger and more open and I can do the pose more gracefully now.


I thought y'all would get a hoot.

PS: Check out my pretty, shiny red toes. I still paint them that color!

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