Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Handy Coveting

Having come close to finishing the initial flurry of activity associated with any good house move, I've come to realize that I am becoming far too house proud for my own good. My kitchen cabinets are too organized (I suppose it helps that I have glass cabinet doors and this shames me into keeping them tidy) and all my clothing is either hung up properly or folded semi-neatly in drawers. I've even mopped my shiny refinished floors three times in the past two weeks. I'm sure once the newness of it all fades, I'll be back to my old, somewhat unkempt ways. I know a few of you would like to see some pics of the new place (complete with lemon souffle yellow walls) but I'm holding off until 1) I get some proper furniture in place, and 2) I figure out a way to "borrow" my sisters digital camera for a few days.

My new home has also unsurfaced a rather nasty side of me that I try not to feed too often - my covetedness (is that a word?). I realize I want a lot of stuff that may be unnecessary. There are so many things I want for my new place - new lamps, end tables, dining set, rugs, filing/storing bureau, media console etc... I already succumbed and purchased a couch and a chair and ottoman set (but I don't feel too bad about these purchases. Making guests sit on the floor does not for a good hostess make. Plus, after having already hosted my first house guest and a second scheduled (Yipeee!), the queen sleeper sofa is becoming quite the necessity. (Hint, hint to y'all who have been promising to visit).

Do I need all that I desire - of course not. But that doesn't make me want it any less. I'm trying to avoid the IKEA route. Sure I could fill my entire apartment with stuff and spend less than $1000, but given that I plan to be here for awhile, I want nice stuff. Things that are made of real wood and don't require retightening every 6 months.

I'm quickly starting to realize why so many people find it shocking that a 29 year old, single female has purchased her own home. It is very overwhelming. Not only the financial aspect (mortgage and maintenance!) but the overall mindfulness (running to Home Depot to purchase parts to fix my running toilet and buying a new tube for my gas range.) I am now the proud owner of a power drill and I've used it twice! In the past two weeks I have...replaced the inner guts of my toilet, replaced the gas tube behind my stove (and I didn't blow myself up!), removed some molding (with my new crobar), cut a hole in said molding to get access to an outlet, and reinstalled the molding, and installed a towel rack in the bathroom (and its straight!). I plastered a mysterious hole in the wall, spent 5 hours scrubbing every inch of my bathroom (and temporarily damaged my olfactory senses due to all the cleansing fumes - I couldn't taste or smell any foods for two days), and discovered that the grouting between the tiles in my kitchen are red clay and not black (lots of hands and knees scrubbing involved). I'm not going to call myself handy quite yet. I'm officially adding a new quality to my list of must haves for any future mate. HANDY. Oh what a joy it would be to have a partner in crime and hand him or her the drill and say - "please install this new ___ behind the closet door." I've even considered purchasing a step ladder.

This whole process has revealed so many new things about me. For instance, if I ever end up as someone's domestic partner (I don't believe in marriage or the whole wifey thing) I know that I will be the one that 1) Manages the finances, files the taxes, and deals with all external third parties, 2) Does the grocery shopping and all other essential purchasing, 3) Cooks, 4) Organize dinner parties and other social gatherings, and 5) Does the dishes. I like doing all these things (or at a minimum - none pose a challenge to me). My mate will hopefully take upon the responsibilities of 1) Cleaning and laundry, 2) Fixing things, 3) Moving heavy objects, and 4) Keeping me calm (I'm unfortunately highly excitable).

Come see what I'm talking about - my new red sofa is being delivered on Friday, July 1.

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foo said...

I've got a red sofa, too. In spite of what you may have heard regarding it's deliberate incitement of anger and mayhem, I assure you...it's all a ruse by the fabric industry to further reduce supply shortages in indochina. Don't even let me get started on how I came by this information; that old chestnut is better left to the squirels in the hanoi hilton.