Sunday, June 26, 2005

Techie success and jam progress

So after a little tweaking and some research, my wireless router is up and operational. I'm using it right now! Big success...

No need to date for tech support...however, dating for massages...I'm up for that!

My jam progress has been very slow going. It's nearly impossible to find the needed equipment in Manhattan. I think I'll have to order all the goods online. After some research I've decided that I need the following supplies:

- 22 Quart Canning Pot
- Canning Rack
- Wide Mouth Funnel
- Canning Jar Lifter
- 8oz Jelly Jars
- Various Fruits
- Sugar
- Liquid Pectin

All told, I may end up spending some $100 dollars for about two dozen 8oz jars of jam - this includes about $50 worth of fresh fruit. If I just purchased jam I'd probably spend about the same amount for two dozen jars of gourmet jam - far less if I purchase conventional supermarket variety jam - even less if I purchase Trader Joe preserves. And there is no guarantee that I'll even make a decent batch of jam. My jam may end up being quite disgusting. But I can't seem to get the jam making idea out of my head. I actually started thinking about it two years ago when I met FS, the former landlord of my friend EC. She made her own jams. I just found this idea fascinating. Obviously, given my seventh grade hobbies, I've always found the idea of homemade jams quite romantic and enchanting. FS was the first person I ever met who actually made her own jam. Of course, I have my family to blame for some of this. From scratch cooking is in my blood. My grandma used to dry her own fish and make her own kimchee and chili paste and fermented soy bean paste. She could have easily purchased mass produced varieties but she didn't. Same with my mom. I'm the lucky kid that had a hot homecooked meal every night. My mom and grandma made everything from scratch. I fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) learned from them. If I ever have kids, the little tykes may not have clean socks but they'll always have food made with love.

Oh jam...I shall learn your mysteries.

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klo said...

Some of the best jams come from the UK. Check out or google the telegraph recipes for jams using seasonal fruits such as berries etc. Good luck babe! xxx