Friday, June 24, 2005

In my next life I want to come back as a modern dancer

I'm officially claiming this weekend as my modern dance weekend. I kicked it off last night with the emotionally exhausting, yet meditative Death Poem by Eiko and Koma at Danspace Project. Through my work with Danspace Project's board, I was able to score an invitation to their insideDans event prior to the performance and got to nibble on some tasty cheese whilst listening to several Eiko and Koma experts discuss the performance and the artists. I'm now inspired to take their Delicious Movement workshop next time they hold one in NYC.

Next up is the much anticipated Sarah Michelson piece Daylight at PS 122 on Saturday night. I say much anticipated because 1) The piece was originally set to debut in January but was postponed due to injury, and 2) Sarah Michelson is a genius. Sarah Michelson was one of my first (and still most influential) yoga teachers back in the day when she was still establishing herself in the NYC dance community and I could barely get through a 90 minute yoga class without feeling like I would pass out. Her classes were inspirational and transformative and so is her dance.

I need to sign myself up for some dance classes. I also need to find me some friends who like modern dance. I want a post-show discussion buddy.

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