Sunday, May 15, 2005

Are we lucky or unlucky?

So don't freak out...are you sitting? is some shocking news that really has me rattled...

(I've already emailed some of you about this in a very sad tone - but I'm going to share a different perspective here...a much more angry perspective.)

My mom...the lovely woman who makes you laugh with her silliness...was robbed and severly beaten on Saturday night by one or two thugs. The thugs approached her from behind as she was walking to her car after closing shop for the day. It was approximately 8pm - so still quite bright and visible - and the shopping center where my mom works is VERY busy and crowded during this time. The thugs must have been watching my mother for some time because they approached her from behind, beat her several times with a bat or pipe, knocked her down, continued to beat her once she was on the floor than stole her purse...presumably to steal the days sales. Luckily my mother is smart enough not to carry the days sales in her purse. The thiefs fled on foot and she never got a chance to clearly see who attacked her.

She's doing okay and her CAT scan came out a-okay - thank god! Praise the broken bones or permanent damage. Just a severely battered head and left arm. We'll be observing her behavior closely over the next several days...just to make sure her head injuries are not more serious. The greatest damage was inflicted on her sense of safety and freedom. Although, I can't look at her severly swollen, bruised face and not feel like crumbling into a pile of tears.

The attack however, is not the worst part of the incident. As I mentioned, the attack took place in a VERY bright, VERY crowded shopping center...with dozens of witnesses and bystanders...yet, not one person came to the assistane of my 5 foot 2 inch, 120 lb, 61 year old mother! Not one! and they didn't even bother calling 911. Apparently, they just stood and watched the whole incident. My mother had to pick herself off the ground - no one helped her, go up to a bystander, ask to borrow their cell phone and call 911 herself. She then lost consiousness and awoke in the hospital where she contacted my father. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!!!! It makes me want to just give up...I'm an optimist by nature and I really do believe that people are inherently good. BUT...things like this make me really question my beliefs. WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK? FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!

When did people become so callus? Am I just a fool for believing that humans really do aspire for beauty and kindness and love?

Of course, as is the fashion of my family, we are always apt to look for the silver lining. As my mom said on the way home...yes, we were able to take her home after several hours of observation in the hospital..."God was watching over me. I could have been killed or broken something." Which is completely true. One good blow to her head could have killed her. And my mother continued to say "God was watching over me like he was watching over your sister when she was in her car accident and when your dad had his heart attack." She's right of course. In the grand family has been very lucky...not too many 61 year old women can walk away after being beaten with a bat.

Go kiss your nearest loved one. And realize that whatever they might do that upsets you is nothing compared to the pain that would be caused if they were ripped from your life.


foo said...

Your family is in our thoughts. Seriously - what the fuck!!!

cackmandu said...

WOW! I have been away for a while and come back to this. What the fuck is right!

I think of thos stuff all the time. How our society is worse off than we like to think. This just proves it. I am happy to hear that she is ok and wish bad things against the thugs that did this.