Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Signs that I'm growing up...but not too much

Last night, I shut down the Home Depot!

That's right, I was at Home Depot until 12:30 AM purchasing cabinets, light switch plates, outlets, cabinet door fixtures, handles, and other things that I don't really know how to use. I also got into a semi-tiff with an old jewish couple who kept trying to steal away my cabinet guy at 10:42pm.

I would have never seen myself in a million years walking around Home Depot at 11:45pm on a Monday night with a short, mexican contractor in toe buying construction products.

Here's another thing I learned: Credit Card companies do keep a record of your purchasing habits. I had to go through 3 credit cards before one was accepted. Apparantly $2000+ worth of home improvement purchases on a Monday night raise "stolen card" red flags. Now I have to deal with a bunch of "We think your card might have been stolen yesterday" calls. Better safe then sorry, I suppose.

But I'm not too groweded up...After arriving home, I had two wedges of laughing cow cheese and some leftover dumplings for dinner. Oh, and a handful of raisin bran cereal. and a peach.

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