Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Don't feed the animals

In particular, don't feed them sugar before 10AM. I made the mistake of eating a muffin for breakfast this morning...something I rarely do. I like protein in the morning or at a minimum bran flakes. Something substantive. Now I'm bouncing off the walls. I wrote an email to a friend this morning whilst high on's just a little sneak into what she got.

"Mortgage, responsibility...I'm feeling old. Well, not really. I still feel rather stupid and young and silly. Does that feeling ever leave? I half believe that if you checked behind my ears, I'd still be a little green. I'd be the cantaloupe you leave behind because you can't hear the seeds when you shake me. The underripe kiwi that feel like a fuzzy hockey puck. But I have all the trappings of an old person - debt up the ying yang. Not to be confused with the Ying Yang Twins. I don't have a pimp cup. Well, not yet anyway. But I'm working on it."

Poor friend who will receive that email.

Here's another tip for the day - courtesy of a friend of a friend.

Learn to read poetry or better yet, write your own. You'll immediately gain the reputation of being a good kisser.

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