Friday, May 27, 2005

Shore up the anchor...

I'm just about to kick off what should be a fun three day weekend! Much merriment is planned.

On the docket is:

1. One wedding - it's a very romantic story. The much desired ES is finally gettin hitched. The timeline...Nov 2004 - Met Mr. Right through a mutual friend. Feb. 2005 - Got Engaged. March 2005 - Moved to Phoenix to be with Mr. Right. May 2005 - Getting hitched in NJ. As ES said, "When you find the one you just know it. Plus, I'm pushing 35 and he's pushing 40 and we ain't gettin any younger." LOL!

2. Two friends - Catching up the lovely EC from San Francisco (soon to be from Princeton.) She's in town home hunting. Also spending some good quality time with LB and maybe baby JB.

3. Three days off - Gotta love the patriotism some times.

4. Four calling birds

5. Golden rings

Seriously should be a fun weekend.

Onto other matters...I've been busier than a banshee surrounded by a bunch of waxy eyed men. Here's the scoop:

- I started teached at CUNY (City University of NY) as an adjunct prof. a few months back for a little extra $$. I also started teaching undergrad online courses for the U of Phoenix (Yes, THAT U of P). Mostly management and leadership courses. It's been fun and challenging and good for the bank account. But it's been eating up A LOT of my free evening time. Pooh!

- The work in the apartment is almost complete. The living & dining rooms are lemon souffle yellow, the ceiling is white, the kitchen has new cabinets, the floor is sanded, the molding is almost up, the bedroom is minty green, and I'm ready to set a date to move in. I'm aiming for June 9. Oh so close.

- Lots of work for Dancewave. Their big Spring Celebration is coming up in two weeks. I stopped in on rehearsals a couple of days ago whilst heading to a fund raising planning meeting. The kids looked great! If you are in town on June 9 (the day I move!) give me a holler and I'll get you tickets. The ED and I have been doing some really great brain crunching to plan for the next years fund raising goals and strategy. I love helping the organization in this capacity. It's so fulfilling.

- I finally started work on my chapbook about a month ago. I've taken high resoultion digital images of five of my paintings, and I'm currently shopping around for a high quality scanner that I can use to scan my B&W and other prints. I'm sorting through about 100 or so old poems and writings and trying to select about two dozen for the book - I'll probably end up writing more over the summer. Right now the chapbook is titled "This Woman". I'm using a painting I did about 1.5 years ago (some of you might have seen it) for the cover art (it's red and black and has crazy hair) and my poem "This Woman" will be the opening piece in the book. I'm currently debating whether I should go the old Kinko's route when I get them printed or go to one of those independent publishing houses where you pay em about $1000 and they'll print 200 copies of your bound book. Hopefully I'll have something completed by this fall. At this point, the only sales opportunities I would have would be after one of my very occassional performances at poetry slams and other readings. I'm seriously on the look out for a photography collective I can join. I find this to be the most effective way to get my art work seen and evaluated. Have any of you ever created a chapbook before. Do you have any suggestions?

- I've been flirting with the boys lately but nothing really serious has come of it. Just me having some fun kissing and dancing and playing some very bad pool and bowling.

- Oh! and work has been kicking my butt lately (but in a good way).

(I'm knocking on wood right now.)

Have a good weekend y'all!

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