Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Either I've got a stomach virus or I'm feeling sympathy pain for my mother. I've been SICK for the last four days. I'm thinking its partially the stress of everything that's been happening and also probably a very small virus that has been magnified by everything else.

On a bright note...I think my mom is in the clear. She's eating little bits and she can stand and brush her teeth. She insisted on putting curlers in her hair because her hair was such a mess and she was joking about how she can't leave the house - not because it would sully her reputation, but because it would damage my dads. People will think my dad beat her or something.

And to put everything into perspective, yesterday my mom said:

"What? This isn't serious. I'll tell you what is serious. The Korean War was serious. That was tragic. This, not so much." (I'm somewhat paraphrasing but you get the meaning.)

Probably adding to the stress somewhat, my contractor began work on my apartment on Monday - and they painted the walls yesterday! Yellow!

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