Monday, May 02, 2005

Why I believe the world is trying to tell me something

Ever since my mid-twenties "change" when I went from corporate ladder climber to self-actualization victim, I have consistently attracted a certain type. Here are some of the typical characteristics:

Suburban Upper-Middle Class raised
Artist-leaning: actor, performance artist, musician, painter, photographer etc...
Early thirties
Found Buddhism and yoga in his mid-to-late twenties
Tinkerer, crafty, do-it-yourself, creator of things
Have experience kissing girls AND boys
Can't imagine living anywhere but NYC or some other metropolitan locale but also wants to live in the jungle or the woods
Highly amused by Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

This weekend's tryst was no exception. What's wrong with me?

1 comment:

tony rutt said...

So, Bo, if that psychographic is not what you're looking for, you must have a pretty good idea of what Mr. Right does look like...........pray tell?! Also, I cannot believe that you have not yet posted photos of the new salubrious 750 sq ft Bo Pad! Come on "Miranda", inquiring minds and all that!