Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm MESSY!!!

Why do people assume that I'm neat? and why are people always surprised to see that my apartment/desk/purse are horribly cluttered?

Throughout my life, people have always expressed amused shock/pleasure upon seeing how cluttered and messy my apartment and/or desk are. As my dear, dear NG stated when seeing my apartment during senior year of college "I love it! You're messy. It makes you so human!" Is there something about my personality that communicates a certain anal persnicketiness? Do I really come off as that pulled together?

I've never been much for tidying up (as EC can attest.) I can leave unwashed laundry lying around for weeks (my ample underwear drawer is evidence of this. I'd rather buy more than wash what I have!) I can leave a stack of books on top of my kitchen table for months without reshelving them. The only thing I can't stand is a messy bathroom and kitchen and dirty dishes. I must do dirty dishes!

I'm messy and I don't much care. I don't think messy is a terrible character flaw. Smoking...that's a bad character flaw. Dirty socks...not so much. Then again, I know tons of people who would argue otherwise.

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