Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A new generation of jam

I know...I know...another blog about jam. I should really just rename this blog "The house of jam".

Anyway, it's your own darn fault for coming back. You don't have to, you know.

Well, in any case, since you're here I might as well tell you what I've been thinking about. The other day while browsing through my local Indian grocery store, Kalustyan's (I live by Little India on Lexington and dropped in on monday night to pick up some spices I needed for a biryani I planned to make) I came upon a little collection of interesting flavorings and essences...jasmine essence, rose water, etc...

Doesn't blood orange marmalade with jasmine and rose sound divine?


Fresh fig with orange blossom and cardamom essence.

I've run out of jam jars (I originally bought two dozen) but I've just put in an order for two dozen more. I'll be back up to my jam making ways in about 5 - 7 business days...actually make that 2. I placed the order about a week ago.

I also came across coconut essence. I've been toying with the idea of making a pineapple-coconut jam for sometime but feared that the amount of dry coconut I'd have to use to impart a noticable coconut flavor would leave the jam horribly fiborous. Now, I think a pina-colada jam might be possible...without all the bits that could get stuck in your mouth.

BTW, if you can think of other unique/interesting jam suggestions I'm all ears.

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