Sunday, August 28, 2005

SS in town

SS has been in town and while I can't say I've been the best host, it's been great seeing her! I realize I'm not the biggest party person...I don't like going clubbing and that sort and I really don't like much of the city's party scene...a little too velvet rope for me. Sometimes I wonder why I'm so enamored by the city.

For whatever reason I've gone to bed later and later each night. The first night was 1am, the next 3am and last night 5am. Crazy.

Anyhoo, I've also been able to work a little cooking into the mix. I made some zucchini-carrot-coconut-walnut bread and I'm probably going to make some banana-coconut bread tonight. I'm also roasting some organic tomatoes (from my CSA) that I'll combine with some fresh mozzarella, organic zucchini, stock, and organic roasted garlic for a nice pasta dinner tonight for the two of us.

EC, if you are reading this, please come over...I've got a whole loaf of zucchini bread waiting for you in my fridge!


ned said...

Mmmmm, that pasta dish sounded lovely! I missed it because I was being a tourist =(
If you want to come to Oaktown, I'll cook you some pasta!! By the way, I made it back safe and sound, but I miss New York already.

ned said...

p.s. that zucchini plus bread was yummy!

Ellen said...

...coming over for z-bread (and your company) in a heartbeat! That is, after my move on Saturday. great to see SS as well. come to the east coast!