Thursday, July 28, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

I'm convinced there is a conspiracy going on in the city right now. Last night, from about 7pm - 10pm all of 3rd Ave. was shut down from 34th St. to 42nd street. The entire area was taped off by the police and there were more cops and law enforcement agents than I have ever seen before. The cops were yelling at anyone on their cell phone to "GET OFF YOUR PHONE! GET OFF YOUR PHONE NOW!!"Luckily my building is far enough off of 3rd Ave. that it wasn't taped off. I was able to access it from 2nd Ave. The people living in buildings facing 3rd Ave. were not so lucky. I overheard a cop talking to someone over his walkie talkie and there was talk about a suspicious package and bombs and "in front of the building". There are a number of foreign embassies near my home. I live fairly close to the UN. It was all very surreal.

Anyway, I waited up to watch the local evening news to see what all the action was about...but there was nothing. Not a peep. I thought maybe they couldn't get the story on the air in time. I made sure to catch the news this morning but again...NOTHING. I checked all the newspapers...and NOTHING. The only reference I could find was another NYC blogger who got caught in all the craziness.

What is going on? Furthermore, the trains were all screwed up this morning and there were tons of "switching" problems. I smell a conspiracy.

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