Thursday, July 07, 2005

I send out a prayer

For the world entire, but especially to the people of London.
I pray that you are safe and all your loved ones are safe...even though I know that at least 33 families will be without a loved one tonight.
I pray that you may once again travel without a forboding sense of terror...although the psychological scars may linger far after all the physical evidence has been removed, cleaned up, and polished.
I pray that you do not descend into a spiral of hatred and revenge...although recent history has shown that it is an all too common reaction.
I pray that this tragedy does not diminish your faith in the goodness of the earth...although at this moment it seems so easy to wallow in grief.

Above all, I hope that if you are reading this you know that I love you, and I miss you, and I wish that I could give you a HUGE hug. Be safe tonight, be safe tomorrow night, be safe until the next time can give you a big SQUEEEEEEEZE.

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