Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Holiday, Celebrate

I have no real reason for not posting in over a week...well, there was the whole Harry Potter fiasco but that ended sometime last week. No, my real reason for being so negligent of you, kind readers, is that I've hit a bit of a creative funk as of late. I don't know what it is really. Could it be because I've only taken 3 days off since last August? That's probably it. One needs to take a good long vacation at least once a year. This whole living frugally thing kinda sucks in that regard. Well, I'm hoping to take a short 4 day vacation next month. I probably won't be going anywhere. Just sitting in my shorts in my new apartment...maybe playing the role of tourist in the city. Catching up on a few movies that I've been meaning to see...March of the Penguins, Rize, and Hustle and Flow.

A certain friend described me as possessing bountiful energy and a joyful spirit last week...completely unsolicited too. That made me smile. It's nice to get another person's perspective every once in awhile. The human ego a little stroking from time to time. Other human parts also need stroking from time to time but I'm trying to keep this G rated (or PG-13 at a minimum).

Wish me luck. I'm going to be engaging in a couple of forced creativity hours tonight. I will paint regardless of whether or not I want to. I will paint from 9PM - 11:30PM. I am not be allowed to put the paintbrush down except to switch it for a different one. It's gonna be me, my paints, and good old Sufjan Stevens singing about Illinios in the background.

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klo said...

darling bo you are awesome! Sometimes we all need to hear it so here it is, your very own sheisamazinggram from across the Pond.

Love Kaz and Eric