Friday, July 01, 2005

The joy of cooking

I love to cook.

Cooking, when it is done with care, is an art form. It is one of the most fundamental acts of love when shared with another person. It is another opportunity for self expression. It is love.

My home (I like the sound of that) is filled with the most magnificant aromas right now. I am currently roasting beets, yellow summer squash, and spring scallion onions in my oven. To make good use of all the other veggies I have, I've concocted a lovely vegetable korean curry (not to be confused with a thai or indian curry) filled with tatsoi (a bok choi derivative), bok choi, carrots, onions, some garlic scape, some napa cabbage, baked tofu, and a handful of shitake mushrooms. I made enough curry to feed me for a month so I'm freezing 3/4 of it for days when I'm not in the mood to cook. The rest of the napa cabbage will likely become a coleslaw with apples and carrots and a touch of lime. I still have 4 HUGE heads of lettuce and all the tops from the beets. I can't eat that much salad.

I'm also going to bake the strawberry rhubarb pie sometime during this long weekend. LB is coming over tomorrow night and bringing along her hubby and adorable son J. I'm gonna try and make it in time for their visit. The additional 3 stalks of rhubarb finally pushed me over the edge. I've dug out my pie plate and food processor (to make the pie crust dough) and everything.

I do enjoy cooking.

I'm so easy to please.

What other 29 year old, single, hottie (sic), female spends her Friday nights roasting veggies, making curry, and sketching pictures of flowers on her bathroom walls? I'm weird.

PS: I found a place in Brooklyn that sells all the supplies I need to make jam. I'm heading over their tomorrow morning after I teach a yoga class. I'm probably not going to make jam this weekend - that'll be my adventure for next weekend. I've also found some lovely recipes for a fig-rhubarb jam.

Sorry...this is a very insipid journal entry...and that's saying a lot given the quality of my recent posts.

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