Friday, July 15, 2005

Tonight I will...

I will not
contemplate my aloneness

I will write songs and
about the noble
billy goat men

With hair
matted and skin

tongue swollen
and hoves splintered

And when all
this luxury we call
ceases to exist

They will remember my
song of the wayward

And elaborate on
my simple tale

until my shy men

are made into kings and
Cruel in action
Wise in reason
and tainted
black heart
and wicked smile

Oh, my dear men
so gentle and long suffering
Such a fate I
do not wish for you

Oh, you who
sojourn with little more
than what you can
carry on your backs

Always ready with
a pipe for
my amusement

1 comment:

klo said...

hey bootiful, thanks for taking Sparky under your wing. Hope you are well. We are good but currently our happy state is marred by dark forces. Chat soon. Love KLo.