Thursday, February 24, 2005

And they lived happily ever after...eventually

I'm a little late in commenting on this but I was really happy to hear that Prince Charles and Camilla would be getting their swerve on in April. Whatever your feelings on the matter (or lackthereof), you can't deny that there is something geekily sweet about the whole thing. It's also nice to get an occassional reminder that fairy tales don't own the exclusive rights to happy endings.

What a whirlwind weekend/week I had...I've said this before, and I'll keep on saying it, I've got GREAT friends. Thank you KLo for allowing me to celebrate such a momentus event with you! And EF baby, I luv ya...and I'll keep on luven ya, even if we only see each other every 2 years!

Dinner with KC and friends was awesome. It also reminded me why I love the midwestern folks so darn much. I'm not a big fan of the accents but in every other regard y'all rock.

Tuesday was spent flying to and from Washington DC. These one day engagements always leave me feeling a bit crazy. It's wild to think that I woke up in NY, spent 2.5 hours in the airport/flying, spent 3 hours in a meeting, spent 2.5 hours in the airport/flying, and ended the evening in Manhattan working out/having a late supper with a friend. You'd think that after 7.5+ years of consulting, I'd have gotten used to this sort of schedule. The next week or so should be just as exciting/unnerving. Looks like I'll be flying to Atlanta and then Detroit. Oh...I may get a chance to catch up with my dear SC whilst in Altanta. Yeah!

Looks like nearly all the hotel rooms in the Coachella Valley are already booked up. I'm probably gonna skip the Coachella festival this year. Given that I'm knee deep in mortgage and I'm trying to save for Patagonia, I'm living conservatively. This means that I can only indulge in the occassional new pair of shoes or handbag. Sigh.

Today's blog was brought to you by the short attention span theater.

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klo said...

darling, it wouldnt' have been the same without you!! you made it all the more special! Don't worry plans are underfoot to make sure you get to see us more often!!! LOL Kazibear